General Assembly

A General Assembly (coordination meeting) of the consortium of EU project 544524-2013-1-PL-TEMPUS-SMHES «Qualifications Frameworks for Environmental Science at Ukrainian Universities – QANTUS» was held on 31 March – 1 April 2015 at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria). Project partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Ukraine participated in the meeting.

Project coordinator Prof. Stefan Ignar addressed his welcome speech to the participants of the meeting. He focused on the results for the 1st project year. During the first half of the day presentations on sectoral qualifications frameworks, recent developments in European Higher Education Area and directions of further development were made by European partners.

During the second half of the day the main achievements of Ukrainian partners for the first project year were presented and discussed. To highlight this issue Ukrainian partners delivered presentations on implementation of the project Work Packages: Prof. Vadym Zakharchenko (Odessa National Maritime Academy, National Project coordinator) reported on the progress of Work Packages 1 and 2, Oleg Shabliy (Odessa State Environmental University) – on realization of Work Packages 3 and 7, prof. Ganna Titenko – on realization of Work Packages 1, 4 and 5.

During the second day of the meeting Austrian partners delivered presentations on qualifications frameworks in Austria, environmental studies development, and quality assurance system in Austrian universities.

The afternoon was devoted to management, planning and solving administrative issues of the project.

The meeting helped to demonstrate the first stage achievements of the project partners and inspired consortium to further fruitful work.


Participants of the Coordination meeting:

  1. Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland): Stefan Ignar, Monika Techmanska.
  1. Odessa National Maritime Academy (Ukraine): Vadym Zakharchenko, Anastasiia Shestakova.
  2. Odessa State Environmental University (Ukraine): Sergiy Stepanenko, Oleg Shabliy.
  3. V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine): Ganna Titenko, Nadiya Maksymenko.
  4. National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of UA (Ukraine): Victor Kalenskiy, Oksana Zazymko.
  5. Lviv National Agrarian University (Ukraine): Bohdan Krektun.
  6. Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University (Ukraine): Oleksandr Bonkovskyy, Tetyana Dyman.
  7. Uman National University of Horticulture (Ukraine): Ivan Mostoviak, Viktor Karpenko.
  8. Science and Methodology Centre for Agricultural Education (Ukraine): Olga Getya.
  9. Institute of Innovative Technologies and Educational Content (Ukraine): Nataliia Tymoshenko.
  10. Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians NASU (Ukraine): Volodymyr Rozhak.
  11. Pavia University (Italy): Andrea Capodaglio.
  12. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria): Willibald Loiskandl.
  13. Jagiellonian University (Poland): Lucjan Chmielarz, Wojciech Piekoszewski, Marek Frankowicz.
  14. University of Genova (Italy): Vincenzo Bianco, Angelo Musaio.
  15. University of Koblenz – Landau (Germany): Serge Chernyshenko.
  16. Association for European Life Science Universities ICA (Belgium): Simon Heath.